Head of Watalara Village, Tomy Ansyar, Conducts Drug Testing with BNN Kolaka Team

Watalara, July 6, 2023 - Tomy Ansyar, the newly elected Head of Watalara Village for the 2023-2029 period, has conducted a drug testing campaign along with a team from the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Kolaka. This initiative is part of Tomy Ansyar's efforts to combat drug abuse in his community and create a village that is free from the negative influence of narcotics.

The drug testing conducted by Village Head Tomy Ansyar is a rare initiative that demonstrates a strong commitment to eradicate drug trafficking at the village level. In this endeavor, Tomy Ansyar collaborated with the BNN Kolaka team, who possess expertise and experience in drug prevention and control.

The drug testing was systematically and coordinately carried out at several strategic locations within Watalara Village. The BNN Kolaka team assisted in identifying and testing individuals suspected of involvement in drug abuse. The testing process was conducted while upholding human rights and adhering to legal procedures.

Tomy Ansyar stated that the drug testing aimed to ensure the safety and well-being of the people in Watalara Village. He hoped that this action would deter drug abusers and prevent the spread of narcotics within the community. Tomy Ansyar also pledged full support to the BNN Kolaka team in their efforts to prevent and combat drug abuse in the village.

In addition to the drug testing, Tomy Ansyar has initiated drug prevention programs that actively involve the participation of the community. He has organized awareness campaigns and training sessions on the dangers of drugs for children, teenagers, and adults. Tomy Ansyar also plans to strengthen cooperation with the police and other relevant agencies to enhance efforts in combating drug trafficking in Watalara Village.

The actions taken by Village Head Tomy Ansyar and the BNN Kolaka team are expected to serve as an example for other village leaders in implementing drug prevention and control measures at the local level. Through the synergy between the village government, relevant institutions, and active community participation, it is hoped that an environment free from drug abuse can be created, leading to an improved quality of life for the people of Watalara Village.

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