Welcome to Watalara Village!

Welcome to Watalara Village!

About Us

Welcome to the official website of Watalara Village! We proudly welcome you to get to know more about the potential, life, and progress in our village. Watalara Village is located in Baula Sub-district, Kolaka Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. With the address www.desawatalara.com, we hope this website becomes a means of communication and a useful source of information for the local community and guests from various regions.

Vision and Mission

  1. Infrastructure Development: Enhancing the quality of infrastructure to support economic progress and community welfare.
  2. Education and Health: Providing access to quality education and excellent healthcare services for all village residents.
  3. Economic Empowerment: Encouraging economic growth through community empowerment programs and local potential development.
  4. Cultural Preservation: Preserving and honoring the cultural heritage and local traditions as our identity and treasure.
  5. Quality of Life Improvement: Creating a safe, clean, and comfortable environment to enhance the quality of life for the village residents.

Visit Watalara Village

If you want to experience the warmth and beauty of Watalara Village, we invite you to visit us. Located in the captivating Southeast Sulawesi region, we are ready to welcome you with our hospitality.

Thank you for visiting the official website of Watalara Village. Together, let's realize our vision and mission to achieve progress and prosperity together. Warm regards from Watalara Village!