Head of Watalara Village Offers Full Support to Empowering Program at Bengkel Arfil Motor

Watalara Village, Kolaka - The Head of Watalara Village has expressed wholehearted support for the impactful initiative led by Bengkel Arfil Motor. Under the guidance of Hilman Febriyanto, S.Kom, who serves as the responsible supervisor and manager of the workshop, this automotive establishment has been instrumental in producing skilled individuals in the field.

Situated in Desa Watalara, Kecamatan Baula, Kabupaten Kolaka, Bengkel Arfil Motor has become a center of excellence for training young enthusiasts keen on pursuing careers in both two-wheeled and four-wheeled automotive industries.

The workshop offers aspiring talents the invaluable opportunity to learn and practice directly within the automotive environment. Through hands-on training and immersive experiences, these young individuals can develop their expertise and knowledge, positioning themselves for successful careers in the automotive sector.

One grateful student who benefited from the program shared his appreciation for the chance to learn and train at Bengkel Arfil Motor. The training provided here is of exceptional quality, ensuring that the students gain practical skills and knowledge essential for their professional growth.

Hilman Febriyanto. S.Kom, the driving force behind Bengkel Arfil Motor, expressed his vision for the program. He aims to impart knowledge and skills to the youth of Watalara Village, fostering their seamless integration into the job market. With a strong emphasis on knowledge transfer and skill-building, the program aims to empower the youth, making them readily employable in the competitive job market.

"The young talents of Watalara Village possess immense potential, and by providing them with specialized training in our workshop, we are enabling them to excel in the workforce," Hilman stated.

The Head of Watalara Village is elated with the positive impact that Bengkel Arfil Motor has on the community. The steadfast commitment to empowering the youth and contributing to their employability aligns perfectly with the village's vision for progress and prosperity.

The collaboration between Bengkel Arfil Motor and Watalara Village signifies a promising partnership that envisions a brighter future for the youth, with abundant opportunities in the ever-evolving automotive industry. As the program continues to flourish, it is hoped that more youth from Watalara Village will benefit from this empowering experience and contribute to the growth of the automotive sector in the region.

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