Head of Watalara Village, Tomy Ansyar, S.Si., Leads Community Service with Village Officials

Watalara, Baula District, Kolaka Regency - Tomy Ansyar, S.Si., the Head of Watalara Village, took charge of organizing a community service event in front of the Watalara Village Office. The event brought together village officials and community members to undertake various tasks aimed at improving the village's infrastructure and cleanliness.

In his role as the newly appointed Head of Watalara Village, Tomy Ansyar, S.Si., demonstrated his commitment to serving the community by actively participating in the community service initiative. Dressed in a work uniform, he led the event and worked alongside the village officials and residents.

The community service activities focused on several tasks, including cleaning the surroundings of the village office, repairing damaged pathways, and beautifying public areas with plants and flowers. Participants also carried out maintenance work on existing community facilities, such as public benches and waste bins.

Tomy Ansyar expressed his gratitude to the village officials and residents who actively participated in the event. He emphasized the importance of community involvement in maintaining a clean and conducive environment for all residents of Watalara Village.

"Through this community service event, our aim is to foster unity and a strong spirit of cooperation. By working together, we can achieve a cleaner and more organized village environment that benefits us all," said Tomy Ansyar.

The community service event lasted for several hours, during which the participants showed great enthusiasm and collaboration. The presence of village officials working alongside the residents not only encouraged community participation but also strengthened the bond between the villagers and their elected leader.

The community service initiative led by Tomy Ansyar, S.Si., the Head of Watalara Village, sets an excellent example for community engagement and promotes shared responsibility in village development. It is anticipated that such collaborative efforts will contribute to the overall progress and well-being of Watalara Village, Baula District, Kolaka Regency.

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